About Me


After completing my degree in Environmental Science, getting a real job, having a kid and getting engaged, I found myself awake at night. What was missing?

I often think of my dad, totally lost in self expression as he developed the film he loved so much. This was the answer. Whilst I’d become passionate about the environment, there was just so much more fulfilment to be gained from the photographic world. Working for myself allows me the freedom to do what I desire, make my own rules, and allows me to work with like minded people. Sure, working for myself has other perks, like sleeping in and having spontaneous Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings marathons. On the flip-side I tend to be over critical of my work, obsessing over things like symmetry. I hope that this attention to detail shows in the images, as I aim to create images that don't just portray what you can see, but what is being felt in that captured moment.