“We live in Canada, got married in the south of France and hired a photographer from Australia from his photo’s and two Skype conversations. How crazy is that?
We were having a difficult time finding a local photographer who suited our style and was willing and able to shoot our wedding in the countryside of France. Running out of hope, my (now) wife sent Benedict a message vie Instagram and that spawned an amazing relationship! We could not be happier with the results we got. Benedict fit in perfectly with our friends and most people thought he was just one of our friends who happen to have some pretty fancy camera gear and a cool accent. Our whole objective was candid photo’s and subtle images and we got exactly what we wanted; in spades!
From what could have been a huge mistake, it turned out to be one of the best decisions we made…along with making a friend. I can not recommend Benedict enough…especially if you are in Eastern Canada so he can come and visit. ;)”



“Ben is one of the friendliest people we have ever met. Genuine and engaging, we instantly got along. We found Ben very professional, whilst connecting and communicating on a personal level, making us feel very comfortable having our photo taken. It was a very natural and organic experience. Prior to the day, Ben scouted the most amazing locations for our photos. The timings for each location were impeccable, knowing the light would be perfect. Without Ben, we would not have even known these locations existed – he had everything researched and planned so meticulously. Ben was poised for our most important moments with a subtle elegance, managing to combine the beautiful surroundings and landscape as well as the raw emotion between us. we feel so much emotion from our Wedding photos; we really believe the images captured were a perfect representation of our day. We’ve recommended him to all of our friends”


“Benedict is an amazing photographer, who captured our wedding day and engagement brilliantly. Bianca and I will be hitting our one-year anniversary next month, and to this day people still mention how absolutely magical our photographs are. He knew what to do, and what to say, but most importantly, his style of framing and capturing moments is what makes us fall in love with that special day over and over. 

We invested a lot of time in searching for a photographer, around Australia and internationally, and were stoked to finally find Benedict. We were very excited that he was available and we asked him if he could be our “lifetime photographer” haha, not joking”



" It’s been over a year now since our wedding day, which was beautifully captured by Benedict Sutton, and we still find ourselves every day scrolling through the images & reminiscing on what is still considered the best day to date. With Benedict, there was no awkwardness, only much laughter & fun. Working solo, he was able to capture each special moment of our ceremony from every angle, We were so amazed & completely in awe of how every photo turned out. Amazing work Benedict"